The Last Phase is Freedom
By helping the world to understand what happened
What Happened at Straight Incorporated ?

  The answer to that question is complex and may take a lifetime to answer.  Survivors often tell stories that leave the listener shocked, confused, or sometimes in disbelief.  Inevitably, any answer prompts more questions, a barrage of them in fact.  They usually include; "But how could that happen?", "Where were the parents?", "Why didn't you just leave?", "What did you do wrong?", "Why haven't I heard of this before?", and a thousand others.

  Below is an answer that has been broken down to simplest form.  For now, this is the best answer that has been provided.  It usually slows down the barrage of questions.

   Straight Incorporated psychologically tortured its 'secondary' victims by systematically withholding, or severely restricting the individual's access to the most basic of human needs for food, water, sleep, urination, and defecation, while saturating those individuals with affection that was genuine and heartfelt.  This process was used in addition to verbal abuse and they were instilled with a compulsion to conform.  Most endured periods of amoral captivity for years.

   The 'primary' victims of Straight, Inc., were the parents of the kids held there.  In addition to, and, in order to continue to exploit parental fears for profit, the tertiary victim pool was the rest of the world.  The media, all levels of government, police, social services, etc., all had to duped into believing that Straight, Inc., was a successful cure to adolescent alcohol & drug use.  Yet, none, no one, nobody, was ever granted unlimited access inside to observe.

Victims 'participated' or conformed to avoid consequences that involved established, effective techniques of torture and mind control
   Because participants were policed, punished, or rewarded by each other, a unique camaraderie exists towards the very individuals who inflicted the torment. Executives, founders, and strategists of the abuse were usually absent by design, and have avoided prosecution for any wrongdoing.  This strange combination is a major hurdle in treating the anger and rage as most participants genuinely care about the people who hurt them the most.  The common therapy goal to help one express their anger towards his/her abuser is unproductive.
   Given the 15-20 years required for the memories to resurface, the affects of dissociation, and the additional sequelae of PTSD, only a fraction are beginning to seek and receive successful treatment for their trauma.
Survivors of Straight, Inc.

   Stories and testimonies from Straight Survivors, Family members, friends, and sadly, non-survivors can be found across the internet today.  There are a few site links on the About Us Page.

   If you are a Survivor, we need you.  The delay of telling the world what happened is similar to Holocaust survivors and Vietnam Veterans who would not or, could not, speak of their experiences for decades.  We need you to help to tell the story.  No one else can.
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