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Excerpt from the Book:     DAY 327
Dinner was Over

   Billy’s eyes were focused on the two folding tables on the other side of the warehouse floor.  He strained his vision to make out the best targets as he approached.  He knew he would barely have seconds to make his choice, lest he not get to eat or drink today.  As the gap closed, he realized he was being steered towards the first table.  He would have to be quick, to prevent from losing out to the kid on his left.  “If I don’t grab it fast enough”, he thought, “I’m screwed”.  All the plates were more or less equally equipped with a piece of bread, a ladle of spaghetti, a dollop of pudding, and a plastic spork.  Yet, some had just a little more than others.  The goal of course, was to get the best one.  Just as he reached for a plate, he hesitated; another caught his eye, just out of reach.  He pulled hard against the knuckles digging into his back to reach for it but the hardass holding his waistband held tight, yanked once and punched hard into the small of his spine.  A painful, but clear message to grab any plate he could—now! 

   Onward they proceeded, to the paper cups.  With a similar strategy, he grabbed up the first cup he saw where the colored drink was filled nearly above the top of the rim.  Now the real challenge began.  He had to make it all the way back across the warehouse floor, about 150 feet, without losing his catch.  The thin paper plate was already losing its shape under the wet spaghetti.  With one hand carefully centered under that, and the other holding the flavored drink at eye level, he was prepared to make the journey back to the island of blue plastic chairs across the room.  His eyes quickly switched focus from the liquid bulging over the edge of the paper cup, the kid on his left who was struggling against the steersman’s knuckles in his back, and the destination ahead.  “This is a good one,” he thinks, as he desperately pilots the overly full drink cup to maintain its pitch and attitude while being hurried along from behind.

   Sat down first, with a bit of a shove from the hardass who led him, he lost the level hold on the cup.  Quickly, he licked the few drops that ran down his wrist.  Taking inventory, he surmised that he probably still had as much drink in his cup as everyone else and was just glad to have it.  He knew that grabbing the filled-to-the-top cup was going to be a challenge and that making it back without losing some was an improbability anyway. 

   Like always, he started by just surveying what he had.  He used the spork to cut and divide small portions to eat in between the short sips of his drink.  Making it last as long as possible, he worked his way through the spaghetti, scraping the paper plate until there were marks left by the spork.  Having washed it down with his drink, he took stock again before moving on to the pudding.  He had used about three-quarters of his drink.  The single spoonful of pudding was all that was left.  Still hungry, he began the tedious back-of-the-spoon trick.  He had seen others do this, using the back of the spork to eat the pudding made it last much longer.  Yet, it was gone in no time.  Only a half-inch of liquid was left in the bottom of the cup.  He so wished he could have more but this was it.  Dinner was over.  Still thirsty, he carefully placed the cup on the floor to await the moment he would be ordered to pass it down the row, which occurred soon after.  He grabbed it up, slung it back like a cowboy at the bar and handed it over.  That was it.  Dinner was over.

This short story represents about 10 minutes of DAY 327.  The DAY was over 1,000 minutes long.  Stay tuned.

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