The Last Phase is Freedom
By helping the world to understand what happened
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The mission for StraightInc.US is help write the final chapter of this horror story so that the rest of the world may understand.  The limitations of language prevent the people who were there from conveying the experience to others.

This will take some time.  The goal is to provide an accurate picture of the experience so that family, friends, & professionals may better assist in the healing process --- The Last Phase

This will be accomplished.  The world will know.


Your stories, questions or comments are welcomed

There are Survivors

   We are slowly finding each other, in various states of wellness.  The 'what happened' part is quite complex.  Most call ourselves Survivors because we know so many who did not.

   Many of us have experienced and observed a pattern of recollection and healing.  While there are variations, survivors commonly awaken from some form of dissociation that begins with a flood of memories or flashbacks.  This is almost always followed by a period of anger or rage.
   Unfortunately, without highly informed and insightful therapy it can be difficult to get past that point.

The goal is to inform and provide insight.

StraightInc.US is owned and managed by a Straight Survivor
St. Pete & Springfield (369 days)
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