The Last Phase is Freedom
By helping the world to understand what happened
Straight, Inc.

   Straight, Inc. has been described many ways.  Not all of the descriptions adequately address or justify the impact on the Survivors or, more obviously, on the hundreds who did not survive.

   If you or a friend was involved with Straight, Inc., you are probably perplexed somewhat.  The purpose of this website is to help.  Until everyone has a thorough understanding of what happened there, few will have real relief.

    There are many working hard to help shed light on this dark subject.  It will take all of our efforts to help everyone to understand.  Through a variety of points of view, perhaps we can best answer the biggest question; "What Happened?".

    Links to additional sources of information are on the About Us page.  The main focus of this site will be to help survivors (and those around them) cope with life after Straight.  We have lost far too many already.  If you have just found this site and others, Hang On Please!  Intitial periods of emotional upset can subside. 

If you are a Survivor, we need you.

   The delay of telling the world what happened is similar to Holocaust Survivors and Vietnam Veterans who would not or, could not, speak of their experiences for decades.  We need your help to tell the story.  No one else can.  Much of our relief and healing will come when the public knows that this really happened right here in their own backyards and neighborhoods.
   Start by speaking to other Survivors when you feel up to it.  Many of us have already gone through what you may be feeling now.  Take good care until then.
  Be Careful not to over-expose yourself to these memories.  Sometimes, we all have to put down the keyboard, and back away.  -Really, it will all be right here for you after you get some rest.

This site is dedicated to friends, family, and Survivors of Straight, Inc.

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